James Glynn Lone survivor speech What’s the worst injuries you’ve ever had in one sitting? Have you ever been shot numerous times, broken your back, have your tongue bit in half, broken your pelvis, had the skin from the back of your legs peeled off?. In September of 2005, four Navy seals went behind enemy […]

Endurance: BRAINSTORM Movies: Lone Survivor- endure being attacked by the taliban and escaping the warfare, also enduring their friends deaths Schindler’s list- Jews endure being hunted by the Nazis, Oskar Schindler endure the pressure from the nazis and having to hide his motives. Novels: Alive- Rugby players and people on board the plane have to […]

Reading Log 1 James Glynn    Text Title: The Next War Author/Director: Wilfred Owen Text Type: Other Written Text Date Finished:  26th February 2017  This is a war poem that expresses the feeling of a soldier or many soldiers going to their deaths, whilst it is also outlining the very reality of war. They are referring to […]

Mr Pip Question: Analyse how a conflict was used to explore themes in the written text(s) Statement of intention: My intention is to write a formal essay relating the themes explored in the written text Mr Pip using quotes to back up my evidence. The novel Mr Pip is written by Lloyd Jones. It is […]

Statement of intent: My purpose of this film review is to convey the valuable elements of the film Schindler’s List such as the characters, the director and the facts behind the film. I also want to convey why people should watch Schindler’s List. My audience is the Wanaka Sun. I will convey this through a […]

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